Demand grows in UAE to ban some Indian media including Republic TV, Zee News, India TV, Aaj Tak, ABP and Times Now for spreading Islamophobia

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TDN World Desk: For last few weeks gulf countries have been at the forefront to voice concern against the rising tide of Islamophobia in India. Adding more power to the demands for stopping spread of hatred against Islam Gulf News, a UAE based news paper, called on Gulf authorities to ban several Indian news channels including Republic TV, Zee News, India TV, Aaj Tak, ABP and Times Now.

Publishing an editorial Gulf News hold these Indian media, in particular, responsible for exporting hate in the Gulf states and instilling Islamophobia among Indian expatriates living in the region. “The culprit is Indian media, specifically some news channels which are exporting the narrative of hate against Muslims from India to the Gulf countries.”

The editorial piece also pointed out Gulf News’ role along with other distinguished Arab personalities in exposing sveral Indian expats who indulged in peddling Islamophobic contents.

“Gulf News has been publishing incidents involving expats who were terminated by employers after they posted abusive content on social media. Many Indian expats who were called out for hatred and religious discrimination were long term residents of the UAE.

“Prominent Arab personalities based in the UAE and other Gulf countries have also raised concerns about growing Islamophobia among the expats. Indian embassies in the UAE, Oman and Qatar have issued warnings on social media conduct, reminding Indians about tough anti-discrimination laws,” the article reads.

The Gulf News editorial singled out some Indian news channels behind this risisng Islamophobia among Indians in abroad and urged the Gulf administrations to take action against these channels.

“Hate propagated on live TV has a powerful impact especially when it comes from popular anchors. Authorities in the Gulf must take action against these channels, the preachers of hate, including Republic TV, Zee News, India TV, Aaj Tak, ABP and Times Now,” the editorial wrote.

It is to be note taht beside global pressure these media channels have been facing backlash inside the country as well. In a recent development, a number of cases were filed against Republic TV and its editor Arnab Goswami. Kerala government also filed FIR against Zee News anchor for offendig the Muslim religion.