Pic: Satish Acharya

TDN World Desk: Time and the tide is perhaps not in favor of BJP. Demonetization to GST, farmers’ agitation to unemployment, one incident after another backfired the BJP government. 

After Election commission declared the poll dates on Sunday, ABP published a study where it was revealed that NDA led coalition parties will not be able to attain the 272 magic figure which is necessary to form government in the center. The study was carried out based on public consensus where the study cum assumption say that BJP will not get the required 272 parliamentary seats. Though BJP is keeping no stone unturned, by using the Balakot airstrike they are trying hard to garner vote into the lotus ballot box. 

If vote is conducted at the presentation scenario of the country what could have been the result, regarding this ABP led a study where they assessed that BJP will get around 220 seats. And the coalition parties headed NDA will be able to get 264 seats. The assessment study further revealed that the UPA alliance could manage to get 31 percent vote and will have near about 141 seats. As a result, after the upcoming Lok Sabha election there is a high possibility of non-BJP, non-Congress coalition government to be formed at the center. The study says the regional parties can obtain 28 percent vote. Ananda Bazzar Patrika has published this report. 

This new study report reveals that, the jingoistic wave the ruling party has created will not work much in buying them enough votes. The NDA will not be benefited by the agenda anymore. It will definitely increase their seat sharing but that will be scarcely much. This kind of report, though does not match the same, yet they can foretell the direction of the wind well. At this point, however, the political parties are of the opinion that it is the voters who are the final judges, they will decide who to vote. So, they study result may prove otherwise. 

On ther side it cannot be denied that, while voting, the voter do consider the voters keep in mind these kind assumptional inputs. But if anti- BJP votes are poured into one pot then it will be a headache for the macho-men, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. But we the common people are left with the ultimate one option – that is to wait – in order to what it  may come, who to govern India in the next five years.