Image source : Tim S. Uppal, Twitter page

TDN World Desk: India is, at present, witnessing, nationwide farmers protests against the Modi government’s policies on agriculture.
To stop the farmers huge police deployment can be seen on national highways. The farmers are being treated with teargas shells, water canons, and police assaults.

Non-Indian Residents (NRI) and several foreign politicians have come out in support of the protesting farmers. They have also condemned Police assault and using of teargas, water cannons and road blockades against them.

Rachna Singh, NDP MLA and parliamentary secretary of British Columbia, Canada taking to Twitter said, ” I am really saddened by the way Punjabi farmers are being treated. This is unacceptable.”

Randeep Singh Sarai, MP in Canada, wtote on microblogging site Twitter, “The Treatment of Punjab farmers is deplorable. Farmers are the strength and backbone of the Punjab, and they des to be treated with respect. I stand in solidarity with the Punjab farmers”.
Sharing pictures of farmers being treated with water canons, barricades along the road Canadian MP Tim  S. Uppal said, ” India’s farmers deserve to heard and respected. This is horrific.”