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New Delhi –  Extending solidarity with the protesting farmers Welfare Party of India called on the Modi government at the centre to intitiate dialogue with the farmers.

Taking to its official  social media handle ,  Welfare Party said that the party demands that the Modi government  initiate a sincere dialogue with the farmers or roll back the unilaterally passed Agricultural laws.
Since Thursday, Farmers Protest has erupted throughout the country against the recently passed agricultural law that farmers, economists and social activists  belive would benifit the big corporate companies and engulf the small farmers at the end.

Today, on Friday thousands of protesting farmers are marching towards national captila demanding roll back of the agricultural law passed by the Central government. Despite facing tear gas, water canons , road blockades they are determined to reach national capital as part if their “Delhi chalo” protest.

Acknowledging the boldness and tenacity of the farmers to resist the anti-farmers law, Welfare Party President SQR Ilyas saluted the farmers for their “bravity and courage”.

SQR Ilyas also urged people to extend  their solidarity in the farmers’ movement. 

” Alongside the men, the women have hit the streets. Extend your solidarity in the protest movement against the anti-farmer’s law passed by the Central government, ” said Ilyas.

” Save the agricultural sector to save the country, ” added he.

In a seperate note, Federation of Trade Unions (FITU) condemned the Haryana Police for using water cannons agianst the protesting farmers.

Denouncing the move of Hariyana Police, Subramani Arumugam, National president of  FITU said, ” Attempt to thwart the farmers protest is undemocratic and  against their constotutional rights . Instead of having a dialogue with fatmers associations to resolve the issue the central government is using its police not to allow the farmers to enter into national capital shows to what extent  the solicitude Modi government has on farmers.”