TDN World Desk: Student and Youth organization Fraternity Movement of West Bengal called on all the students across the nation to come up and voice aginst the inhuman action taken by the police.

Issuing a statement, Arafat Ali, the state president of Fraternity said,” We strongly condemn the barbaric and brutall attack by the police on the protesting students of JMU and AMU. Condolence to the families of the injured and deceased ones. The sacrifice of amrtyred will not go futile. These protests by the students can’t be stopped with gun fire.”

“We call on all the students hailing from different Universities across the nation to come out on the streets and protest,” Mr Arafat added.

Various educational institutes across the country including IITs, TIIS, Nadwa expressed solidarity with Jamia and Aligarh University. Beyond India, students in Havard University wrote letter to the govenment condemning the brutal crack down on the protesting students and opposing the Citizenship Act.