TDN World Desk: Amid political Topsy-turvey in Maharashtra as tussel between BJP and Shiv-Sena-NCP-Congress continues over the formation of government by BJP in Maharashtra, #GoBackModi hashtag trended on Twitter during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ visit to Jharkhand on Monday.

PM Modi was in Jharkhand on Monday to address two election campaign rallies – one in Daltonganj and the other in Gumla ahead of assembly elections which are scheduled to be held from November 30 onwards. Currently BJP is the ruling party in the state of Jharkhand.

Heavy weight leaders and minister’s like Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah also campaigned for the upcoming Jharkhand election.

But people in twitter seems not happy on Modi as as they trends #GoBackModi

Md Asif Khan wrote, “Why #GoBackModi is trending today ??? What did I miss ?? As far as I know he is not visiting Tamil Nadu then who is trending this # tag??”

Official Peeing Human, a Twitter page took reference to Modi’s yesterday’s Mann Ki Baat where he said, ” Never Desired to enter into politics.”

Taking reference to the distress of Maharashtra farmers, Rofi Republic, a twitter page, shared a video of Maharashtra onion farmer that earlier went viral.