TDN World Desk: Since the passage of Citizenship bill Bengal has been perpetually protesting against the contentious law.

As Modi visits Bengal people there having opportunity to vent their ire against the government. People are also using social media platform to protest Modi’s visit.

Left supporter Sushovan Patra wrote, “Left in Bengal has always been exemplary in defending secularism. Legacy of Bengal continues to be reference point for communal harmony and religious peace. Bengal rejects a DIVIDER in Chief who masterminds divisive unconstitutional”.

Apanra said, “Your goons have hurt our daughter. Every drop of blood she bled was ours. #GobackModi. You have no place in our land.”

Among leaders in Bengal CPI(M) leader Md Salim, Congress leader Abhijit Banerjee objected Narendra Modi’s visit.

Hours Modi’s Scheduled visit in Bengal people are staging protest, carrying out rallies, and demonstrations against PM Modi.
People in college squire burnt effigy of Narendra Modi.