TDN World Desk: The fear of coronavirus is making the closed ones unknown, relatives, neighbours strangers. In such a hour of crisis the muslim men in Madhya pradesh’s indore has carried the bier of a Hindu women to the cremation ground setting a beautiful example of communal harmony and brotherhood.

As reported by NDTV, Unable to find a vehicle the local muslim youths has carried the bier of the Hindu elderly woman who died on Monday after prolonged illness. Owing to fear of coronavirus most of her relatives did not attend the funeral proccession, nor they did perform the last rites.

it is the local Muslim young men who came forward and helped the Hindu woman’s son to perform the last rites. And they have made all the neccessary arrengements to conduct the funeral folllowing due Hindu ritualas.

“Wearing masks, the youths made arrangements for the funeral and carried the elderly woman’s bier on their shoulders to the cremation ground around 2.5 kms away”, state Congress spokesman Narendra Saluja told news agency PTI.

Taking to Twitter Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister has applauded the benevolent action of the Muslim youths

“It is praiseworthy that people from the Muslim community along with the woman’s two sons carried the body on their shoulders for her last rites. This has set an example in society. It reflects our Ganga-Jamuni culture and such scenes enhance mutual love and brotherhood,” he said in a tweet in Hindi.

This noble gesture by the Muslim youths drew wide acclamation from the netizens while some criticized the biased nature of the media that spread hatred to sow seed of animosity between communities but abstains from covering these sort of reports that could bind the society together.

Few days back,during the 21-day lock down period a similar story of Muslim men performing last rites of one Hindu man, namely Ravi Shankar in Bulandshahar district’s Ananda Vihar widely circulated in social media. In that case, the Hindu neighbour of that deceased person did not turn up due to fear of coronavirus and lock down hazards.