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TDN World Desk: Assam’s prominent human rights activist and journalist
Zamser Ali was arrested in Mangaldai, on May 7, for objecting hateful islamophobic socila media post made by a college professor Rupa Rani Bhuyan.

From her facebook account Rupa Rani Bhuyan posted a poem of Sahitya Akademi awardee Syed Abdul Malik by purportedly misconstruing and placing it out of context.

Zamser Ali, who is also Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP)’s Assam state coordinator, spoke out against the communal post made by Rupa Rani Bhuyanb through his Facebook and Twitter profile. But, in an unexpected tuirn, Zamser Ali was booked under various section of indian Penal Code. His only offence was to speak out against communal substances. On May 7, he was asked to visit Mangaldai police station to answer some questions where he was arrested and kept in remand.

Rupa Rani Bhuyan, an English teacher at Mangaldai College, had a track-record of spreading vitriolic communal hatred against the Muslim community.

Earlier during the Nizamuddin row she wrote on her social media,“From Quaran, Allah has sent the Corona to India. At the Jihadi meeting in Nijamuddin, prepared the plans of Corona jihad and sending to India, Shaheen Bagh (sic).”

In an identical manner as RSS does, She related the holy term in Islm ‘jihad’ as a negative connotation. “To distort and ruin the Indian traditions, Hindutwa, language, culture, the Islamic narrative, Intellectual Jihad are continuing from the past,” she alleged.

Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) condemned arrest of human rights activist Zamser Ali and called on the Assam government to order his immediate release.

“Zamser Ali is not a criminal. If anything this act of defending Assam’s honour and culture should be celebrated as one of heroism!,” CJP said in a statement.

Zamser Ali has been working at the grassroot level for 30 years for the marginalized people of Assam.
As State Coordinator for CJP he spear-headed awareness campaign, formed volunteer groups to help the poor Assamese to complete documentation and application procedure for various processes related to the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam. He also succesfully helped 15 people to release from detention camps.