TDN World Desk: Swamajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh backs the Citizenship law protestors. On Friday leader of the opposition in Uttar Pradesh Legislative assembly Ram Goving Chaudhary said they would grant pension for the Citizenship protesters if elected to power in centre and the state.

The SP leader’s statement came when Yogi Government in the state has declared to seek ‘revenge’ from the ‘rioters’ seizing and seiling properties of those who allegedly resorted to violence during anti-Citizenship law protests. Though, Yogi’s action drew sharp criticism from the opposition parties who alleged police brutality and false implication of the protesters. Reportedly an IAS aspirant was murdered by Yogi police who was returning home after friday prayer and have nothing to do with protests. Reports of police brutality and ransacking, looting home of the people whpo took part in the protests.

“If our party comes to power at the Centre and in UP, they (protesters) will be given pension as they have struggled to save the Constitution and the democracy,” said Mr Chaudhary as quoted by NDTV.

Extending support to the protestors, Ram Goving Chaudhary said that his party would give compensation to the relations of those killed in CAA protest or jailed.