TDN World Desk: The Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee challenged the BJP government to hold a referendum under the supervision of United Nations on the Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC.

Addressing a huge rally in Kolkata
Mamata Banerjee said, ” This movement is not for any particular community. It is a movement for rights, for democracy, for humanity. It is a movement to retain existence and identity.”

Mamata questioned why Afghanistan is included. Is it Indian border? Why Sri Lanka, Myanmar is not included while they are in the border area?

She urged people across India to take to streets in protests of the Citizenship Amendment Act.

“Forget about the political party, forget about the name of our respective religious identity, forget about our respective community identity. Every one should come out on streets,” Mamata said.

If you (BJP) have guts, organize a referendum on Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC in India and let United Nations monitor the process. form a committee with impartial International agency like Human Rights commission.

” If you (BJP) fail to prove majority in this vote, then they should step down,” she added.