TDN World Desk: Citizenship Act already created enough furore all across India. Now the impact of NRC and CAA is can be seen in Matrimonial advertisement as well.

A resident of Haorah, North 24 Para ganas district in Benagal posted an advertisement in a Bengali daily where the documents of 1971 were sought from the would be bride as a wedding criteria along with ‘Ghosh’ caste tag.

The 29-year-old man, who is a high school teacher now stays in Murshidabad. Following the advertisement the Bengali media reached out the bridegroom. But, the phone number issued in advertisement belonged to his brother-in-law.

Speaking to media the brother-in-law of the Bridegroom said, ” When we are marrying off our brother through match making shouldn’t we rectify everything! If after marriage the wife’s name left out of NRC! Then she would be sent to different country.If the wife is sent away, then what would happen to my brother-in-law! It’s better to look into all aspects beforehand.”

But if the bride got voter ID card, Aaadhar card, then why she needed papers dated back to 1971?

Asked over the above question, the brother-in-law of the Bridegroom said, “Look situation all round is tensed over NRC. Voter identification card would come to no use. It is wise decision to get your daughter married off with someone who hails originally from this land.”