TDN WOrld Desk: Several children, women and men on Wednesday continued to hide themselves in the Swan riverbed, without for the food for three days now, on the Punjab side of the state’s marshy borders with Himachal Pradesh. They were allegedly abused, beaten and chased away from their mud-house settlements in villages in the Talwara block of Hoshiarpur district, The wire reported.

speaking to the media outlet one of the victims Saraaj Deen told, “I asked them (the villagers from the Hindu-majority community) why are they beating us, and they started hurling abuses and calling us sick.”

“Even the police are not allowing us to move on to the adjoining Himachal, where we live in the summers,” he said.

Saraaj Deen’s wife told the news outlet that her mother-in-law who is 80-years’ old was denied medicine at the chemist shop. the shop owner even abused. “sick Muslims spreading virus”, she said.

They were subjected to abuse and hrassment since the Tablighi Jaamat incident in Nizamuddin Markaz came into light.

“None of us has ever seen Delhi, but the people here are still after our lives with no help from the administration,” said Shafi Mohammad who was also forced to leave his village by his non-Muslim neighbours.

In total, a group of 80 peoples, including children share the same tragic fate. they have remained hungry for three days and slept under the open sky.

saaraj said that six calves had died hungry in the absence of fooder.

“We buried three yesterday, and three more bodies are lying in front of me now,” he said.

Hoshiarpur Deputy Commissioner Apneet Rawat had acknowledged that she recieved information of many poor families sranded in the riverbed.

She assured of “strict action against the culprits” and directed senior superintendent of police (SSP) senior superintendent of police to take action.