Impact of TDN Bangla’s news report: Bengal Govt offers job to Afrazul’s daughter

Source: TDN Bangla

TDN World, Kolkata: After 7 months of Afrajul’s murder, DM respected Mamata Banerjee ‘s instruction; the dream comes true for a family as a impact of TDN Bangla’s report. The DM of Malda Mr.Koushik Mukherjee appointed Afrazul’s daughter as Helper at the Children Home for Girls . Tuesday , an offer later has been issued to the daughter of late Afrajul Mohammed from the District Magistrate of Malda.

Addressing to Rejina Bibi, Afrazul’s daughter the letter states that, ” You are hereby appointed as helper at the Children Home for Girls,Malda ( CNCP & JCL ) on contractual basis on compassionate ground subject to signing of an agreement in the prescribed format Rs 10 ( Ten ) Non judicial stamp paper within 7 days of joining”.

TDN Bangla‘s news makes it all happen for the family after seven months torment and oppression.Today at the office of DM comes the wife of Late Afrajul who had been brutally murdered in Rajasthan.The very Respected CM arrives for inauguration of a Government Home in which the daughter of Afrajul gets the Job of 6000 per month. late Afrajul’l wife said,”She has an only wish to see the harsh punishment of Afrajul’s murderer”. District Magistrate of Malda,Koushik Bhattacharya said,Afrajul’s daughter has been appointed in the Home of Social Welfare Society and has to be Joined within seven days.The family also gets the financial support of 300000 rupees”.

“The family has also been provided with financial assistance to build home,”he also added. DM also said that Afrajul’ mother, Gulbahar Bibi will be offered an endowment allowance of 750 rupees a month. Whereas, her second daughter has been given appointment to a government job with a monthly salary of 6000. But, how with this little money the family will survive smoothly, still the worries remain.

Gulbahar Bibi says that she is out of wit of how 750 rupees will make the family go. Even the 6000 rupees salary to her daughter is not enough ; for the daily transport fair will drain out 1500 rupees a month, that is a quarter of her monthly salary. Welfare Party also appreciates TDN Bangla for its role to bring the issue to to the mainstream discourse.

“The credit goes to TDN Bangla . Their continual effort and report on the the part of this oppressed family, mobilised the government, after seven month to act as per its promise to offering Afrajul’s family a job. After Afrajul was killed Welfare Party walks out to the street and from the very day the party kept continuation of its movement in seeking justice for Afrajul . Though delayed, however , long after seven month the Government brings its word to action ; to provide the family a job is enforced,” said Sahajahan Ali, presence of Welfare Party, Malda District. He also added, ” It’s a good sign. Now it is time for government to take strict legal action against the culprits involved in Afrajul’s murder. Otherwise,Afrajul’s family will not be meted out Justice. And, those day-laybour will be exposed to insecurity outside the state.”

Fraternity Movement of India’s state secretary Arafat Ali also responded to TDN World that it is their party which is first to raise its voice of protest against framing the lynching of Afrajul as ‘love Jihad’.

He also said to TDN World that, It is we who first demanded compensation money for the victim’s family. We had also handed a cheque of 3 lacs rupees to the deceased family. He also questioned , that what the family will do with an allowance of only 750 rupees a month ? Alongside it , he also voiced for the daily wagers in Bengal asking the government to take necessary steps for making their life easy-going. And also demands to the government to ensure security for the day wagers who stays in other states.

However, here, it is to be noted that After the brutal killing of Afrazul assuming the intensity of this horrific brutality and its outcome in public mind, Bengal’s Chief Minister immediately responded on tweeter over the issue. It was last lear on 8th December.

“Very sad incident happened in Rajasthan. Afrajul Khan of Malda of our state was brutally killed. His family is totally helpless. As a small help to the bereaved family, our government has decided to provide Rs 3 lakh to the family,” Banerjee wrote on Twitter. “Also one job to an eligible person of the victim’s family. Other help from the government will also be provided. I am sending our team of Ministers and MPs to visit the family,” she further added.

However it took seven months to execute her verbal promise to action in providing job to the victim’s family . And yet the job offered to the family member is of very little amount – six thousand rupees a month which is even lesser than the money a mason or a carpenter earns. Even a quarter of the whole salary- that is 1500 will drain out in her travelling expenditure. So, at the end of the month what rests in her hand is only a sum of 4,500. So, how the family will be able maintain its day-to-day cost with it. The question remains unanswered.