TDN World Desk: PRS, a non-profit organization who tracks the parliamentary activities, makes data available of the parliament members regarding their respective performance in the house. As per data findings,  Asadudin Owasi, AIMIM supremo made better performance than Congress chief Rahul Gandhi in the house activities. 

The PRS makes data available from 1 Jun 2014 to 3 Jan 2019. According to the data, in 3.5 years span Telangana MP Owasi has conducted 59 debates while Rahul Gandhi, the President of Indian National Congress has conducted 13 debates. Not even one fourth of what Owasi did. While Rahul Gandhi has no record of asking any questions in the parliament, Owasi raised 707 questions. These questions include burning issues under the Modi government like Impact of Demonetisation and GST on employment, Rafael deal, sexual harassment at workplace,  triple talaq, action against cow vigilantes, black money etc. 

Apart from parliamentary activities, Asaduddin Owasi  also has an excellent attendance. He has 83 percent attendance in the parliamentary house while the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has 51 percent attendance. Mr Rahul’s maximum attendance was 70 percentage during 2015 winter session. Owasi did appear all the working days in the first parliamentary session in 2014. He attained 100 percent attendance at that session. This year, during the monsoon session, his maximum attendance was also hundred percent. 

Assad Uddin Owasi and Rahul Gandhi have, however a number of similarities existing in between them. Both of them are highly educated, obtaining foreign degrees. Asaduddin Owasi pursued his LL.B degree from London, while Rahul Gandhi did his M.Phil. from Cambridge University (UK). The age difference between them is just one year. Asaduddin is 48-year-old and Rahul Gandhi 49. Both of their families have long and strong political background. Both Owasi and Rahul are commander-in-chief of two distinctive political party, one is the national president of AIMIM (All India Majlus-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) and another is the national president of INC (Indian National Congress). Both of them has been serving for the third time as parliament member. They were elected in 2004 for the first time as Member of Parliament.

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