TDN World Desk: In protest aginst the contentious Citizenship act a hindu dominated village in Tamil Nadu makes an unique exaple harmony. To reject the discriminatory act that grants citizenship on religious basis Seriyalur Inam, a village panchayat in Pudukottai district which is dominated by Hindus, has elected a Muslim as panchayat president to express their solidarity with the minority muslims community in the village.

When opinion poll held, Mohammed Jiyavudeen secured 554 of the 1,360 votes in the village which has 60 Muslim votes, reported TOI.

“When the Union government is trying to create a divide among people of different religions by passing the CAA, we, the Hindus in the village, chose to elect a Muslim to keep our panchayat united and secular,” said S V Kamarasu, a resident of the village, as quoted by TOI.