TDN World Desk: District Magistrate (DM), Devendra Kumar Pandey on Saturday visited a government school in Sikandarpur Sarausi to perform inspection duty. While conduting a reading test, Pandey found that two tachers in the school could not read english sentences. Immediately, the Magistrate issued instructions to Basic Shiksha Adhikari to suspend the two teachers.

The inspection took place on November 28. Speaking to media, Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) Pradeep Kumar Pandey had said, “An inspection was done by District Magistrate (DM) Devendra Kumar Pandey, and I was also part of the inspection. In classes 6 and 8 when the lessons were asked to be read in Hindi then most students were able to do that. But when the students were made to read in English then most of them failed, and even some teachers failed to do so.”

“The DM asked the teachers that if they themselves could not read in English then how would they teach the students,” Pandey was quoted by ANI.