TDN World Desk: 27 students have been hospitalized as police rseorted to lathi charge and fired tear gas in a brutal manner. On Friady, over thousands of students took part in a protest march in ooposition of CitizenshipBill. The peaceful protest rally was heading to Parliament. To prevent the students reaching to parliament Delhi police beats students with lathi fired tear gas. over 50 students has been arrested police.
To take note of the situation AAP MLA rushed to the spot. Police imposed ban on large gathering in the area.

“We were marching peacefully when the police stopped us. Then they lathi-charged us in an attempt to make us retreat,” news agency PTI quoted a law student at the university as saying.

Footage of police pelting stones at the students, bruttaly bashing doing rounds in social media.

CPI(M) condemned the attack on the students. The leftist organzation posted in twitter, ” CPIM condemns the brutal assault on Jamia Millia Islamia Students who were going to start a march towards Parliament against the CAB Bill.”

Here are some video footages sharer by Twitterati depicting police brutality:

Yesterday, UP police booked 500 Aligarh students for protesting agianst CAB. Internet Service has also been suspended. Massive protests are being staged in the Northeast states as well. Two people died in Assam. Curfew imposed in Shillong and parts of Meghalaya. Amid intense protest Union Home Minister cancelled visit to Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh.