Image: The News Minutes

TDN World : Jamia student leader and anti-CAA-NPR-NRC activists Aysha Renna and Ladeeda Farzana took legal action against OpIndia – a right-wing news portal, once blacklisted from wikipedia – for falsely reporting that they participated in the riots in Northeast Delhi and they have terrorism links.

Both the student leaders sent the legal notice to OpIndia, asking it to tender apology for tarnishing their images.

“You and your properties are liable for the said claim and you are directed to pay the said amount within 7 days from the receipt of this notice and also tender an unconditional apology to my client and withdraw the Facebook post unconditionally,” the legal notice reads.

Speaking over the legal action taken against the right-wing portal, on Tuesday Aysha Renna said,” In the wake of continuously spreading hatred and fake news about me, I have sent a legal notice against OpIndia with my demands.This hate emitting machine should be brought before law is the need of the hour.”

In its news article OpIndia called Ladeeda Farzana to have a ‘dangerous levels of radicalisation’, ‘a proponent of Khilafat 2.0 movement’, and linked her to Delhi violence by saying Delhi violence started after Ladeeda’s call to Jihad on 11th December.

In an article, published on May 1, OpIndia linked jamia student activist Aysha Renna with February Delhi violence. “Aysha Renna is one of the faces of the Jamia protests that were a contributory factor in the riots in North-East Delhi in the month of February”, it accused.

A few months back, several commercial companies pulled out adverisements from the right-wing news portal OpIndia for spredaing mis-information, hatred and fake news, following a ‘Stop Funding Hate’ campaign by a London-based group.

AltNews, an authentic fact-checking news portal publishes a number of reports debunking fake-news and mis-information spread by OpIndia. In an opinion based article published in The Print, Shivam Vij termed the OPindia as “a pro-BJP misinformation machine”.