Pic: tdnbangla.com

TDN World Desk: India’s one of the most prestigious educational institutions has passed a highly controversial proposal to introduce a course on “Islamic Terrorism” As per report, this decision to impart course on “Islamic Terrorism” has been approved by the Academic Council inspite of strong oppositions from many of its members.
On Friday, the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Academic Council proposes to set up A Special Centre for National Security Studies. Among the courses planned under the centre was one on ‘Islamic terrorism’. And in the long run, the chair passed the proposal to introduce a course on “Islamic Terrorism”. Bedside this, other courses are also set up on naxalism, demographic changes, national security etc.
Ajay Kumar Dubey, a professor of the Centre for African Studies prepared the draft of the proposal with the help of three other members of the committee. Though initially for the first five years, the centre will circumscribe the entire academic pursuits within the research activities. After five years the centre may launch MA Programme.
JNU student union president Geeta Kumari however condemned the move by saying it as a ” grotesque propaganda of Islamophobia” . She said that this course will serve BJP and RSS to prepare their propaganda materials for election purposes.