TDN World Desk: When we take a close look at the present political situation in Maharashtra, Shakespeare’s famous line in Macbeth comes in mind – ” There’s no art/ to find the mind’s construction in the face.” What’s actually going on in Maharashtra Heaven knows.
NCP Chief Sharad Power repeatedly claiming that his party has made no alliance with BJP, but his nephew, the legislative party leader of NCP (now sacked) claims that Sharad power is their leader and there is an NCP-BJP alliance.

Rejecting Ajit Pawar’s statement as false and misleading, Sharad Power tweeted on Sunday evening, “There is no question of forming an alliance with @BJP4Maharashtra. NCP has unanimously decided to ally with @ShivSena & @INCMaharashtra to form the government. Shri Ajit Pawar’s statement is false and misleading in order to create confusion and false perception among the people.”

However, Ajit Pawar made a contorary statement via twitter. He said, “I am in the NCP and shall always be in the NCP and @PawarSpeaks Saheb is our leader. Our BJP-NCP alliance shall provide a stable Government in Maharashtra for the next five years which will work sincerely for the welfare of the State and its people,” the 60-year-old leader tweeted. “There is absolutely no need to worry, all is well. However a little patience is required. Thank you very much for all your support.”