TDN World Desk: JNU research Scholar Chingiz Khan was arrested by the Manipur Police for writing an article critical of the government authorities in a local daily, reported maktoob.

According to the news outlet, Chingiz Khan who is pursuing PhD in History at JNU wrote an article in vernacular language titled “Political ploy to push Muslims into marginalization” in a Manipuri Daily, Ichel Express and that article eventually led to his arrest. he was taken to judicila custody in Imphal, capital city of Manipur.

Khan wrote in his article over the discrimination meted out by the Manipur government to the Pamgal Muslims.

Khnan’s article article also focuseedd over the eviction of 500 houses in Khetri bengoon awa Ching. he also pointed out that those uprooted people were not rehabiliated by the government.

Manipur Police claims that his article is stoking communal ‘disharmony’.

Various student organisation such as Fraternity Movement,AISA and other student activists demanded Khna’s release.

JNU Students’ Union President Aishe Ghosh taking to twitter urged the government to release Khan.

Aysha Renna, Student activist at Jamia Millia Islamia called it “another attempt to silence Muslim voices”.