Mokter Hossain Mondal, TDN World, Asansol: Today, Madhyamik result gets published in West Bengal. Sibgatullah, the martyred son of Asansol’s Imam, Imdadul Rashidi, scores pretty god, 412, in the exam.

“My son has done well,” Imam Rashidi told TDN World. Deceased Sibgatullah got 71 in Urdu, 61 in English, 40 in Mathematics, 45 in Physical Science, 57 in Life Science, 73 in History, 65 in Geography. A few days after the completion of his Madhyamik exam, he was killed in a commual riot in Bengal.

Despite his son was killed in communal violence, Maulana Rashidi maintained calmness of mind, leaving an illuminating example, before his fellow Indian citizen , of humanity and harmony, by making a moving appeal to the common folk to maintain peace . The story of his peace message had widely been circulated across India.

But what was Imam Rashidi’s reaction about his son’s performance in the exam?

” what should I say. No one can deny the design of destiny. Here, we have no choice,” he told TDN World.

Although, he acknowledged the fact that today,if his son were alive, he would have been pleased to see it. Once again, this day brings back the memories of Sibgatullah alive to the villagers and his family-men.
Many a people exclaimed in a bereaved heart; for whom the result is meant to, he himself is no more!

But did the culprits get punishment?
” I don’t think over that,” replied Imam Rashidi with his usual calmness, ” It’s not my business. It is the administration who to look into it. On my part, I have performed my duty,”

But, sibgatullah’s teachers , classmates all are missing him badly,though, he will never return again from the land of eternal silence. Never will his soul come to receive the marks sheet, nor the certificate!