New Delhi: The Women Wings of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has announced to hold a nationwide campaign on the importance of nurturing a healthy and peaceful environment at home and strengthening the family.

On Wednesday, 17 February, the women’s wing of JIH has conducted press conference in several parts of the country including Delhi and Hyderabad as a part of its nationwide campaign ‘Strong Family, Strong Nation’.

Why such a campaign?

The organization said, “Lack of respect and honor among family members and the ever-rising materialism have shaken the very base of this institution.”

“Family is inevitable for the continuity of human generation,” JIH added further.

Increase of domestic violence

The organization pointed out studies about the prevailing social scenario which reveal that this vital part of society is facing serious threats.

“The most alarming picture of this phenomenon was experienced during pandemic lockdown. Between March and September 2020, the complaints of domestic violence received by the National Commission for Women was over 13000. “

“The slogan of ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ raised a question of how safe the Indian homes are? Survey reports say that there is a 10 – year high record increase in domestic violence keeping in mind the fact that only 7% reach out to authorities for help. While women are more subjected to verbal, physical, sexual, psychological and Economic violence and abuses, even men face such problems which go unreported due to embarrassment. Children, youth and senior citizens also face problems of different kinds,” said JIH in its press release.

JIH believes family is the basic and vital institution of human society. Family is inevitable for the continuity of human generation. It protects the strength of individuals from annihilation. The relationship between husband and wife is the source of the existence of family. Family provides not just human resource but breeds values and help in the growth of culture and civilization. The home training of individuals does reflect in society and leaves profound influence on the corridors of courts and legislatures.

Yoths’ reluctance towards Marriage

JIH said that there have been cracks simmering in the family institution and the lockdown simply brought it to a boil.

“The youth today wants to evade the responsibilities of marriage and establishment of family. They refuse to shoulder the responsibility of motherhood and fatherhood.”

“The rising trends of live-in relationship, homosexuality, abortion as well as revolt against religion, family and society are the bitter fruits of liberalism, individualism which attract the youth very easily and many such social and anti-family evils are being promoted directly or indirectly. “

“The scenario of society and its expected ill effects in future forced us to create awareness among masses specially among women. Restoring the basic status of family and give proper direction and support to this end is the need of the hour. In this regards, Jamaat e Islami Hind has decided to hold a national campaign, the organization said in the press communique.

The national campaign ‘Strong Family, Strong Nation’ will begin from February 19 and continue till 28 this year and it will be led by its women wing across the nation.

Objectives of the Campaign:

  1. Firstly, to create awareness among masses of Muslim community and instill Islamic morality and ethics to develop social leaders, to understand and deliver their responsibility in developing their family as role model for others.
  2. Secondly, to create general awareness among the various communities that the strength and success of any nation depends upon the moral strength and peace that prevails in each home and to bring into public discussion the common family values in every culture.
  3. Lastly, to present the ethical family system based on justice which is neither pro women nor pro men but safeguards every one’s rights in a balanced way and creates a conducive environment for each member to develop and contribute in the best way possible.