By TDN Staff

Anwar Khan, an associate professor, educationist, an expert youth counselor, a friend and a social activist is running for the MLC Graduate Constituency election setting an exceptional political trend.

Normally our experience with political leaders are not positive ones. Most of the politicians who get elected are often found to be corrupted, irresponsible, self-centric, uneducated or not highly educated, with zero-experience in social and humanitarian works. This leaders do not engage in politics because they feel for an urge to do something for the society, rather they are more intended to make a bright career out of it and increase their earthly riches.

Why Anwar Khan is an exception?

He is an honest and respectable person – a criterion which lack most of the politicians in our time. Besides being a man of elevated moral principles, he is an excellent, erudite academician with over three decades of experience, a humble, down to earth person, well-connected to society, has been working for the upliftment of the society for past many years.

He has made Padayatra alongside Dr Jayprakash Narayan of LokSatta, a philosopher and a guide, motivator for youth and students. Associated with with Trusts, Association and Organization in various capacities. A great inspiration to teachers, professors, students, youth and people at large.Contributed immensely in 1969 and current successful Telangana Movement.

Personal Profile

Born and raised in a humble family with upholding values and respect for the humanity as a thesis of identity. I am a family responsible citizen.


Election is not for the candidate but it is the selection of our future. The candidate holding a vision of ‘improving our today’ and ‘Building a better Tomorrow’ is the one who deserves our vote. I would put myself forward in fulfilling the desire and duty of both, as a leader, with a focused perspective fulfilling the agenda.


It is observed that educated individuals rarely participate in politics. Disproving this sense of negligence in contributing for the upliftment of society through educated minds is the design for acquaintance and provide a platform to own up the gust of today’s youth is motto of life.


Aims to work for human dignity, upliftment, and prosperity. Participant of philanthropic activities. Morally inspire through sermons, marriage ceremonies and social political gatherings.Continues to be a servant and leader of people.

Academic Qualification:

School & Intermediate – Dharur and Vikharabad
B.A. – SAP College, Vikharabad
M.A. in Public Administration – Osmania University (MPhil-OU & PhD MANU)

Delivering on promises and seizing opportunities for the welfare of the society through Graduate;
He promises to

  • work to make the best choices for the progress of the constituency and society in holistic way,
  • Stimulate business growth and social development for the graduates,
  • Enhance health services,
  • Open employment opportunities,
  • Implement Graduates’ ambitious agenda


He believes that public representatives are meant to work for the purpose of socialization, fulfilling people’s needs and giving them a platform to create better tomorrow.

“Work for humanity provide a sense of productiveness which is rarely found to the same extent elsewhere,” believes Prof Anwar.

“I want to dedicate my life, my comfort for the society welfare and betterment of learned individuals,” promises he.


  • Served as a lecturer for over 3 decades.
  • Head of Department of Public Administration
  • Chairman Board of Studies (BOS)
  • Additional Controller of Examination
  • Vice Principal Anwarul Uloom Intermediate College
  • Convener in Committees – Academic Coordination and Disciplinary Cell (ACDC)
  • Director of Anwarul Uloom Junior Colleges
  • Principal at Challenger Civil Society Academy (IAS, IPS, IFS)

Community Service:

  • NCC ‘C’ certificate
  • Parachuter 1976 at Agra
  • NSS leader at SAP College
  • Frequent blood donor
  • Coordinator OU hostel
  • Established 8 junior colleges
  • Student and Staff Counselor for 36 years