TDN World Desk: Condemning the contentious Citizenship law Mohant Gyan Das, chief priest of Kapil Muni Ashram said that Modi and Amit Shah are “dividing” and “dismembering” the country.

On Monday during Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s visit at his Ashram, one journalist asked the priest whether he consider citizenship law passed by the BJP government at the Centre were a “deliberate attempt to divide” the nation, the priest said, “Modiji and Amit Shahji can give you the response to these questions. Ask the ones who are wrecking this country.”

Modi and Amit Shah has always maintained that Citizenship law will the persecuted minorities who entered the from the three neighbouring countries. But contradicting with the statements of the BJP ministers, Mohant Gyan Das, the head priest of one of the holiest Ashram in the country said, as quoted by The Telegraph, “We say that all in this Creation is one, so who are they to divide… They are not just dividing, they are also dismembering.”

Mamata made a visit in Sagar at Sagar Island to monitor preparations for the week-long Gangasagar Mela set to begin on January 11. On this occassion Mamata also met the head priest of Kapil Muni Ashram.