TDN World Desk: Several months ago prime Minister Narendra modi said during a election rally in Ramlila maidan that no discussion held on NRC.Then the Home Minister Amit Shah also stated that PM Modi was right in his asserion.Taking an U-turn, on Tuesday, the Modi government at the centre files affidavit in the Supreme Court stating NRC is necessary for identification of citizens from the non-citizens.

The 129-page affidavit said that as per the existing statutory regime, there are three classes of persons residing in India: citizens, illegal migrants and foreigners on valid visas. Therefore, the responsibility entrusted on the Centre, on a combined reading of the Foreigners Act, The Passport (Entry into India) Act, 1920 and the 1955 Act to identify/detect illegal migrants and thereafter, follow the due process of law.

“The legal provisions regarding the National Register of Citizens i.e. Section 14A of the 1955 Act have been part of the said 1955 Act since December, 2004. It is submitted that said provisions consist merely of the procedure and the authority concerned for the preparation of a national register of citizens”, said the affidavit.

On April 1 NPR exercise will begin. The Government is not giving any clear statement regarding NPR. On 12 March, Home Minister Amit Shah told the Rajya Sabha that not a single individual will be marked as doubtful citizen during the NPR exercise. However, various organisations that included judges, lawyers, activists have reiterated that NPR is first step of NRC and therefore all the citizens of the country need to boycott it till govt. makes necessary amendment in the rules to delink NPR from NRC.