TDN World Desk: Popular televangelist and Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik claimed that Modi government had approached him through an envoy.

As reported by The Week, Zakir Naik, who took refuge in Malaysia, claimed that the Modi government offered him “safe passage” to ndia if he extended support to government’s abrogation of article 370.

Yasir Quadhi, dean of the Islamic Seminary of America who met Jakir on January 9, uploaded a post on Face book. Through the post, Qadhi wrote, “… the BJP government sent Dr Zakir an envoy saying that if he supported Modi’s campaign against Kashmir the government would drop all charges and reinstate his assets and allow him to return to India. This shows that there is no real case against him and it’s all politically motivated.”

Zakir Naik, the founder of Peace TV, also claimed in the video that he was approached by a government representative who sought his connection to strengthen relationship with Muslim countries.

“I flatly refused; I said,…’revoking Article 370 in Kashmir is unconstitutional and it is taking away the rights of the people of Kashmir’. I cannot support an act of injustice and neither can I betray the people of Kashmir,” Naik said.