TDN World: A Muslim woman lawyer associated with the RSS has filed a petition in the Supreme Court(SC) demanding a probe into the funding to renowned islamic seminary Darul Uloom.

The women lawyer Farah Faiz who hails from Saharanpur has claimed that the activities of Darul Uloom and Tablighi Jamaat are “suspicious”.She demanded a probe into the foreing funding to these Musim organizations.

In her petition filed on Friday Faiz urged,as quoted by TOI,”Direct the Union of India to pass an order to set up an enquiry against Darul Uloom Deoband in saharanpur and its activities and its funding from abroad (of which Markaz Nizamuddin is a part, to propagate the Deobandi movement through the Tablighi Jamat).”

Commenting on her petition to SC against the Muslim body Faiz told TOI,”Funding from abroad and all over the country was being taken in the name of Mulim community and Darul Uloom never disclosed its funding before the government. I have filed a petition regarding this.I hope it is accepted by the SC soon.”

Who is Farah Faiz

Is Farah Faiz a well-wisher of the Muslim community? In order to have the answer we need to peep a liite bit through her background and activities.

As of several news report pertaining to 2016, Farah Faiz was national president (honorary) of the RSS-affiliated Rashtrawadi Muslim Mahila Sangh. We could not learn whether she still retains that organizational post or not. She also runs an NGO Muslim Women’s Quest for Equality in Uttar Pradesh.

Faiz, a practising lawyer in the apex court, was one of the petitioner in triple talaq case in the Supreme Court.

Her view on AIMPLB

During the discourse on triple talaq Farah Faiz challenged the authority of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board that takes care of the Islamic shariah law. In Faiz’s view AIMPLB is invalid organization. Once she told media,”“It’s an NGO and does not have any right to control us” which clearly reflects her view on the AIMPLB.

A staunch BJP supporter

After the victory of the BJP in the last assembly election in Uttar Pradesh Faiz wrote an opinion article where she hailed the victory and citing verse from the holy Quran congratulated the Muslim women for voting the BJP.faiz writes in the opening para of the article titled ‘BJP Gives Us Dignity’: That’s Why Muslim Women in UP Voted for Modi’,”God helps those who help themselves,” Muslim women went by this adage in the recent Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections and took a revolutionary step towards lead a dignified life. By voting in large numbers for BJP, something that their community leaders told them expressly not to do, they aligned themselves with the national mainstream. By doing so, they snubbed the fundamentalists, the clerics and those community leaders who in reality are communal leaders.”

On Uniform Civil Code

Farah Faiz believes in the abolition of Muslim Personal Law based on Islamic shariah.Speaking at a seminar on “Uniform Civil Code for National Unity” she said,”By implementing Uniform Civil Code, all the religions can enjoy the same privileges and thereby an enhanced national unity can be achieved”.

Farah Faiz at a seminar on ‘Uniform Civil Code for National Unity’ at Sangha Niketana, photo- daijiworld

Farah Faiz delivering her speech in support of Uniform Civil

Her endorsement to RSS

In a youtube video titled “Aims of Farha Faiz in brief” while explining why the name of the NGO is Rashtrawadi Muslim Mahila Sangh, she said in Hindi -a loose translation of her words would be: “We have named it so, knowingly, that those kath mullah are there(a derogatory term often used to address the fanatic muslims, sometimes to simply abuse the Muslims) should understand that in today’s time if there is any organization or NGO in this country which is doing right job and in a well-disciplined manner, it is the RSS.”

Here is the Youtube link of her video.