TDN World Desk: BJP MLA in Karnataka courted controversy by delivering divisive and islamophobic statement against the minority muslims in the state.

Speaking at a pro-CAA rally Karnataka MLA MP Ranukacharya said, “There are some antinationals who sit in mosques and give fatwas. Aren’t mosques meant to pray?But instead what you do is to collect weapons, is this what you got a mosque?”

As reported by the quint, this MLA who is also the political advisor of the chief minister, further threatened the Muslims to allocate their funds to the Hindus if they don’t stop protests against CAA.

“IF you continue like this I will also do politics in the taluk. I will give all funds meant for you(Muslims) to our Hindu people. At least they will get development. I will ensure I keep you in a place you deserve.”

This BJP MLA delivered his speech in the vernacular language.

After the BJP MLA’s statement surfaced in the social media, people condemned his statement.