TDN World Desk: To demonize the muslim community false, fabricated news are being peddled in social media both by mainstream media and right wing IT cells. But this time news agency ANI has come into the fore for disseminating fake news.

According to Janataka reporter, Tuesday news agency ANI has shared a report on its Twitter handle claiming that police in Noida had quarantined a group of people in Sector 5 Harola since they allegedly came in contact with the Tablighi Jamaat. However, as sson as the news break, the Noida police promptly denied the claim of ANI as not true.

the Noida police came out with a counter statement, “ANI News UP people who had contacted with the positive case were quarantined as per laid procedure. There was no mention of Tablighi Jamat. You are misquoting and spreading fake news”.

The tweet posted by ANI News is no longre available on Twitter. ANI has deleted the tweet containing fake news in relation to Tablighi Jamaat following social media roasting.

Howrever, a day after its misleading report ANI UP came up with the actual version of the story on Wednesaday morning.