TDN World Desk: Since past few days a volley of fake news have been peddled in the social media, as well as by mainstream media in an attempt to malign the entire muslim community by targeting Tablighi Jaamat .The news of one Tabligh Jamaat patient misbehaving and spitting on doctors was one of them. However, Raipur AIIMS has clearly stated that neither any of its patient misbehaved with their doctors, nor anyone was involved in spitting.On the contorary, the patient in question is following all the due protocols as directed to the coronavirus infected patients and taking routine medicines. No unruly behaviour is reported by the AIIMS authority as it was claimed by media repots and local BJP MP Sunil Kumar Soni.

On Sunday the Raipur AIIMS hospital authority made the clarification, through its medical bulletin,”A coronavirus positive minor from Korba district didn’t spit on doctors or any staff of the AIIMS. He is taking medicines and coopearating with the staff as per the given protocol for COVID-19 patients. He is following the rules of isolation ward as prescribed.”

After AIIMS Raipur’s statement came into light clearly rubbishing the allegation on the Tablighi Jamaat patient making any misconduct with the doctors, Twiteerati slammed the Raipur BJP MP.

Sunil Soni (58) won the 2019 general election from Raipur constituency – the capital city of Chattisgarh- in Bharatiya Janat Party’s ticket. According to New Indian Express, Sunil Soni claimed that during his visit to the hospital the boy associated with Tablighi Jaamat has made the “objectionable” behaviour – a claim that the AIIMS administrator have candidly rejected.

“Following the unacceptable ways of conduct shown by the boy who is a member of Tabligh-e-Jamaat, I have asked the AIIMS Raipur to create a separate ward or section for all Tablighi people arriving here”, Sunil Soni said was quoted by The New Indian Express.