TDN World Desk: Hatred and attack against Muslims has become new norms in Uttar Pradesh. Adding much coal to the anti-Muslim fire of hatred, BJP MLA Suresh Tiwari has reportedly asked people in Deoria district not to purchase vegetables from Muslim vendors.

A video of him doing rounds on social media where he was seen instructig people, in presence of police and government officials, to not buy vegetables from the Muslims.

“Keep one thing in mind, I am telling everyone openly, no one should purchase vegetables from Muslims,” he instructed people.

The BJP MLA of Barhaj constituency admitted to TheIndian Express of giving such instruction.

To defend his position, The BJP MLA told The Indian Express,“After hearing complaints that people of a community were selling vegetables after contaminating them with saliva in an attempt to spread coronavirus disease, I advised them not to purchase vegetables from them… After the situation gets normal, then decide what they want.”

Few days back, a false video claiming Muslims were intentionally licking fingers and touching fruits to spread coronavirus, went viral. Even without cross-checking the fact mainstream media carried the news. ALT News later fact-checked the video and ascretained it to be old-video which was puportedly placed out of context to denigrate a particular community.

State BJP spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi said the party does not endorse such statements and they will question Tiwari about his remark.

As BJP started facing backlash over Tiwari’s communal call of boycotting Muslim vegitable sellers, BJP chief JP Nadda sought explanation from Tiwari on Tuesday evening. JP Nadda instructed his party leaders further to abstain from making any such remark declaring that such comments “will not be tolerated”.