Own Correspondent, TDN World, New Delhi: Not having a university in Murshidabad is an unfortunate and shameful matter, opined Umar Khalid, former student leader at JNU. 

He told TDN, “In Bengal Trinamool is now in the ruling position. Before them Left was in the power. Those political parties who proclaim them to be secular, they do not consider it necessary to work for the Muslims. Because they know that during election time, they will seek vote from them (minority Muslims) against the BJP and they will cast their votes in the flavor of other parties in order to defeat BJP. So, these political parties no longer think it is important to work for the development of health, education and other forms of social development concerned.  It is simply a conspiracy. Not only Murshidabad, most of the Muslim dominated regions are the victim of this tactics.” 

“Murshidabad is a minority concentrated area and this district comprises of such a huge population that there should have been a university. Even Sachaar Committee study revealed that Muslim community are lagged behind in education. Considering the plight of education in Murshidabad the establishment of at least, one University is essential. But unfortunately, in Murshidabad there is no single university. BJP has never been in the power, despite the state was in the hold of secular parties Murshidabad was deliberately deprived of University. It is really shameful.” 

Beside criticizing the political parties for their negligence, this youth leader has congratulated all those pupils who stood in solidarity with the demand of University in Murshidabad. He also said taht this fight should continue even after the 2019 Lok Shabha election. 

While talking over 2019 elections, he said that this election is crucial in order to defeat the fascist forces like RSS and BJP. Though, he thinks, the real challenge will begin after the new government is formed in 2019. Then It is to see how the new government addresses the minority issues. 

It is to be noted that, though Murshidabad district in West Bengal have a population of 7.5 million, still it doesn’t have any single University. After upsurge of a massive movement demanding University in Murshidabad the ruling Trinamool govt gave assent to the demand. However, the government kept the entire procedure in haze; as to when and where it will be established and how the project will be carried out etc. As a result of this, the people in bengal, especially the youths are utterly displeased over the government. The political analysts in the state are of the opinion that this may harbour negative impact in the ballot box.