Own Correspondent, TDN World: On Sunday, in a solemnly atmosphere several hundred people from Bengal converted to Buddhism. At 10.30 in the morning the conversion begins in the Swami Vivek Ananda auditorium hall of Maulali Yuva Kendra. The pogramme was organised by the members of the Buddha Mahamilan Sangha. Budhhist monk Budhha Rakshit and Bodhishree had given the initiation into Buddhism. On this very day, 14 October, 1956 B.R.Ambedkar rejected Hinduism along with his half million followers and embraced Buddhism at Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur. He launched a new branch in Buddhism, which he called Navayana or Neo-Buddhism. Following that footsteps, here in Kolkata, Dhamma Disha(initiation) Day was observed.

Saradindu Uddipan, the convenor of the function, said, “Guests coming from Jammu-Kashmir,Delhi,Uttarpradesh,Bihar,Oddisa,Maharashtra attended this Dhamma Disha Ceremony”. Representsatives of various social organizations also took part in the event. The brave members of Samata Sainik Dal ( an organization founded by B.R.Ambedkar) from Nagpur head-office were also present here. At his opening talk, Saradindu Uddipan, the convenor of the event said, “If one digs a liitle deep the soil of this Bengal the memorial busts of Buddha will come out. Bengal was surrounded by Buddha. But the Brahminical force demolished all the memorials of Buddha existing in Bengal since Paul and Sen dynasty. And Brahminism was forcefully installed into the Bengali people. And subsequently it was named as Hinduism. Hinduism is actually the continuation of the legacy of the Brahminism. Its foundation lies in four Varna system (caste-system). Here the Shudra has no social rights. That is why, today on 14th October several hundred people converted their religion.And they took refuge to trisaran and panchasil. The chief advisor of the programme was cornel Siddhart Barve, a resident of Nagpur. Mentioning the land of Bengal as a holy land he said if in concerted effort the Dalit-Muslimsof Bengal did not send Baba Saheb Ambedkar to the constitutional hall, we would not have been able to observe this “Swadhamma Pabboton” ( conversion of respective religions) day. Otherwise, perhaps now we would have been roaming here and there with vessels hanging from our necks and brooms at our backs.So, in this auspicious moments I would like to pay tribute to the souls, Late Jogendranath Mandal and Harichand Guruchand, the great sons of Bengal.

Asok Bartra came from Jammu & Kashmir. He said it as a historic moment. I am greatful to be here witnessing this historical occasion.
Tapan Mandal, the president of Buddha Mahamilan Sangha, said, we wanted to organize this conversion ceremony to organize in an open ground. The Bengal government did not allow us to do so. Even to organize it in the auditorium hall we had to beg for police-permission. This hostile behavior on the part of Bengal government is not good for a democratic set-up. Free practicing of religion is a fundamental right. The government cannot interfere here. Piyush Gayen,Nikhil Biswas, Dilip Gayen,Sambudhi Kharat and Arun Barua delivered speech. Sankar Prasad Ray delivered the conclusion speech.

In the midway of the program a handbook titled “Why Baba Saheb embraced Buddhism” was also published. Buddhist monk Rakshit and monk Bodhishree graced the book-launch session. A prominent singer Smritikana Hauladar chanted the inaugural song. All the auditorium stood up to take the 22 pledges as Baba sahib asked to. They took oath that they will no longer believe in any idols, neither worship the idols of the Hinduism, nor they do invite any Brahmin in their religious cerimonies.