TDN World Desk: NRC will be carried out across the country, Home Minister Amit Shah announced in parliament today, asserting that no one from any religion need not to be worried.He assured that no discrimination on the basis of religion would be done.

Adressing to the questions posed by the opposition along with Ghulam Nabi Azad, Shah said, “The process of National Register of Citizens (NRC) will be carried out across the country. No one irrespective of their religion should be worried. It is just a process to get everyone under the NRC.”

He said there is no provision in NRC that people belonging to other religions will not be included in the register.

” People from all religions who are Indian citizens will be included. There is no question of any discrimination on the basis of religion. NRC is a different process and the Citizenship Amendment Bill is different,” Shah further said.

US Commission, on Tuesday, however issueing a brief expressed concern that aroun two million people in Assam may be fated to exclusion. It also states that NRC is a tool to target the minority muslims.