TDN World Desk: Unlike Malaysia Bsngladesh choose to stand on the opposite poll over the political row on Dr.Zakir Naik, a world renowned Islamic preacher. At a time, when Malaysian Prime Minister stoutly sticks to its decision to not to deport Mr. Naik to India, Bangladesh says it will never allow him any access to its territory.

After delivering a talk over the topic ‘ Indo Bangladesh। : Historical and Contemporary ‘, in New Delhi, H.T.Imam। , a close aide of Bangladesh Prime Minister Saikh Hasina clarifies their political stand on Dr.Zakir Naik. He said Naik would never get access to Bangladesh and his country would co-operate with India over the matter.

“We will fully co-operate with India. Our government is committed to its declared policy of zero-tolerance towards terrorism. The soil of Bangladesh will never be allowed to be used by to hostile elements to our neighbours,” Saikh Hasina’s political advisor said. Thus, significantly , while Bangladesh is acting as an inimical force to Dr.Zakir Naik, Malaysia government, like past years, extends its full support to Dr.Zakir Naik by refusing to deport him to India. He had also been offered a permanent residents status there.

PPBM , the ruling party defended Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s decision not to deport Indian Muslim preacher Dr Zakir Naik. As per a report from Free Malaysia Today:Rais Hussain, the startegist of PPBM said he personally could see no wrong in Naik’s activities and speeches. Deporting him would be akin to deporting Uighur Muslims to China, he said, referring to a request by China for the extradition of 11 Uighur men who took refuge in Malaysia last year from Thailand.

Rais also took issue with criticism of Naik on social media. He said Naik had his own way of articulating his views through debates and Naik’s detractors – those with “a mob mentality” – should debate him rather than asking him to be deported to India. It is to be noted that, it is not the first time that Malaysia government showed its goodwill to this eminent Islamic scholar. Rather, it is a perpetuation of its lasting and strong affinity between Dr.Zakir Naik and Malaysia, as well as with its people.

Almost half decade ago, five years back , Zakir Naik had been conferred Malaysia’s highest civilian honour. Tunku Abdul Halim Mua’dzm Sah, the king and head of state of Malaysia conferred on Dr.Zakir Naik the prestigious Tokoh Ma’al Hijrah, the distinguished international personality award of the year 2013. And on Saturday, PM Mahathir Mohammed’s meeting with Dr.Zakir Naik adds different political dimension. Zakir Naik himself, uploaded the picture of their meeting in his face book page.

In social media, throug a face book video, he also conveyed thank to several Indian media for relaying false news over his arrest in Malaysia and deportment to India. Dr. Naik also mentions about the investigative report of Cobra Post saying that, he is ‘hounded’ by the Indian media for the last two years and he added that they are doing this may be to get more TRP or for financial benifits.