TDN World Desk: Media accross the country has hosted a number of TV shows blaming the Tablighi Jaamat for spreading coronavirus and levelling the Delhi Nizamuddind Markaz as corona hot-spot. Ironically, in a reverse turn, it was found that the Markaz area has only one COVID-19 positive case.

Speaking to News Agency ANI, Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said,“We are screening and testing all the hot spot areas in the state. By now we have covered more than 6000 houses and over 30,000 citizens in the Markaz area and only one case turned out to be positive.”

“One positive case around the Markaz area was that of a beggar who sat out Nizamuddin every day,” Jain said.

As of Health Ministry report Delhi has reported 1,767 corona cases and death toll rise to 42.