Own correspondent, TDN World, New delhi: Known for its humanitarian work, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has carried out relief work in 21 states across India by providing food kits among the needy people amid novel coronavirus lockdown.

The organisation deems it’s their moral obligation to stand by the needy and they don’t expect any material return, except the reward from Almighty God.

“By the grace of Almighty Allah our zones have done tremendous relief works during the lockdown period among the needy and distressed people,” said Mohammad Ahmad,Secretary of Social Service Dept,JIH.

Mr Ahmad also made prayer for the volunteer who toiled hard selflessly to reach out the poor and distressed people with relief kits daring lockdown hazards.

“May Allah reward them for this noble deed,” said he.

As of April 13, the Muslim body has helped out to 8,38,417 people in their fight against hunger.
The relief work expanded to 21 states across India viz. Delhi, Assam, Bengal , Bihar, Jharkhand, rajastha, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh , Gujrat. . The highest relief work has been carried out in Maharashtra. 1,33,952 people were provided relief aid that amounts to Rs 1,34,76,035. In Rajasthan relie aid was given away among 1,75,000 people which costs Rs 40,13,237. In UP East 1.12 lakh people were provided humanitarian assistance.

The cost of total relief kits – that incude raw foods, dry foods, cooked food, masks, sanitizer, financial help – amounts to Rs 9.85 crore.

After lockdown imposed in the last leg of March, the organization has started working full-fledgedly with its thousands of cadres and other volunteers to reach out the needy, arranging monetary aid and providing essential eatables. The Muslim body extends its relief work among all section of the people in the society irrespective of their faith, religious identity, color, creed or race.