People gather in Gaza City to show their support for Palestinian prisoners (Image: Anadolu)

TDN World Desk: Condition of the Palestinian held in Israel’s jails is deteriorating day by day. As a protest, the prisoners have launched an open-ended mass hunger strike inside the jails. 

According to statements circulated by the local media, 30 prisoners have started hunger-strike and some 1500 more will join them by the next week. 

The prisoners will reject the intake of any food or water, mainly in protest against the recent installation of mobile phone reception blocking equipment in the Ramon prison, a notorious Israeli military jail in the southern Negev region. 

The mobile jammer installed in the prison cell are causing serious harm to their health and it has the potential of causing cancer, the prisoners said in their statement.

The prisoners are not even allowed to communicate with their relations. They are denied of phone service. In spite of their repeated appeal to avail pay-phone service for them the jail authority are paying deaf-ear to them. 

According to an Israeli Daily, the Israel Prison Service (IPS), on Sunday said, it would respond “forcefully and with determination” to ensure the installation of the jamming equipment would not be removed. Doha based. Al-Jazeera cites local media reports, where they IPS said negotiations over conditions would resume after the Israeli elections, due to take place on Tuesday. 

However, U.S based news service Associated Press reports that the Israel Prison Service said that they were not aware of any hunger strike carried out by the Palestinian in Israeli jails.

As per Al-Jazeera, the prisoners who took part in hunger strike, are being forced to take food. In 2015, United Nations had criticized the same practice as a violation of human rights standard.