TDN World desk: Amid Jharkhand assembly election campaign BJP’s principal spokesman Praveen prabhakar resigned from the party and joined Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangama-led Nationalist People’s Party. Recently National people’s Party has been accredited the status of national party by Election Comission.

“I have learnt a lot from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief and Home Minister Amit Shah but in Jharkhand, the BJP needed to do some introspection,” news agency IANS quoted him as saying.

Prabhakar who is contesting Jharkhand election on NPP’s ticket from the Nala Assembly Constituency, said on Monday, “The nation was progressing on all fronts, but in Jharkhand, the aspirations of the people were being constantly snuffed. I dedicated all I had for the creation of Jharkhand (as a separate state) and will continue to fight all my life for its development. I have full faith that I will get the assistance and guidance of NPP leaders in this endeavour”.