Photo: The Wire

TDN World Desk: In the 2017 mob lynching case of Pehlu Khan, two teenagers who were involved, have been awarded three years punishment in a special or safe home on Friday.

“The board sentenced both of them to three years in a ”vishesh” or ”surakshit grah” (special or safe home) in Jaipur,” police official Ram Kishore was quoted by NDTV as saying.

They were part of the mob that killed Khan, a 55-year-old dairy farmer, in 2017.The case officer said video footage of the scene of crime confirmed the presence of the two in the mob.

On April 1, 2017 Khan along with his two sons and few others were transporting cows from Jaipur, when they wre accosted and thrashed by cow vigilantes.On April 3, Pehlu Khan died in a hospital.

In August last year, six men accused of lynching Khan were acquitted by a court in Alwar.The BJP government in Rajasthan filed an appeal against the lower court order in the high court in October last year.