TDN World, Jangipur: 09th April, Today Morning SUTI(Jangipur) police picked up and detain Welfare party member Motahar Shaikh while he was campaigning for the party candidate Dr.SQR Ilyas at his constituency. 

Police didn’t show any reason to detain him. No FIR was filed against him. Welfare Party alleged that it was just under the pressure of state govt ruled by TMC police has tried to create an atmosphere of fear among the party cadres, as Welfare party is getting overwhelming support from the public. Dr.SQR Ilyas along with Advt. Taher Hussain, the Karnataka state president of Welfare and Suti Block cadre visited the police station and asked the police officer to immediately release party worker. A heated argument took place between party leaders and police officer. However, Motahar Shaikh has been released. Followed by Motahar’s release, Dr.SQR addressed the media outside the police station. He accused the police that they are working under the pressure of TMC govt and demanded Election Commission to deploy central officers and transfer local police. 

While talking to media, Motahar Shaikh said, “I am a worker of Welfare Party that’s why police arrested me.” After he was released from police custody, Shaikh told party president that police has forced him to give false statements but he refused by saying that he cannot do so because he belongs to a value based party.Motahar also told that earlier he was a TMC cadre, but he left the party due to its unethical.