TDN World Desk: Indian Railway to collect 80 crore rupees from the anti-CAA protesters to recover damaged property.

“There has been damage of railway property worth Rs 80 crore during anti-CAA protests. Of this, the Eastern Railway suffered maximum damage worth Rs 70 crore and the damage suffered by the Northeast Frontier Railway was worth Rs 10 crore. The damage will be recovered from those found involved in arson and violence. This, however, is a preliminary estimate and the figure could go up after the final analysis,” railway board chairman V K Yadav said on Monday.

Yadav’s remark came after UP Yogi Adityanath government had sealed shops,confiscated properties of the people who took part in the anti-CAA protests and allegedly involved in violence.

However, separate report are coming up where the protestors claimed that they were not involved in violence. They were implicated falsely because bn of their Muslim identify.

Extending support to the the agitation Congress leader Kapil Sibal said,” Modi didn’t say a word when the Jat agitated in Haryana in 2016 demanding the OBC status and damaged over Rs 20,000 crore public properties. He was also silent when violence erupted, following conviction and sentencing of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in Haryana, Punjab, UP and Delhi.”

The Prime Minister is pointing a needle of suspicion to a political party. The fact that violence erupted in BJP-ruled states should worry him. This could be a well thought-out plan to justify the brutality perpetrated on the students, a strategy to which the administration in BJP-ruled states may well be complicit,” the Congress leader was quoted further by National Herald.

Indian Railway has filed 85 FIRs under the section of damage to public properties. The maximum damage railway department suffered is from West Bengal and Assam.