Own Correspondent, TDN World, Kolkata: The vice-president of Association For Protection of Democratic Rights ( APDR) Ranjit Sur raised question over the constitution of detention center in Bengal.
On Thursday, a rally was taken out from Kolkata’s Maulali to Dharmatal to stage protest against NRC and NPR. After the rally was over, Mr Sur said, ” Two detention center are being set up in Bengal. Suddenly, what made it so necessary now?

The State’s Correctional Services department has said that the proposed detention camps had nothing to do with NRC and it is only for foreign nationals who are arrested on criminal charges and who mostly hail from sub-Saharan African nations. As per sources from state government two separate detention camp proposed to be built for the foreign nationals – one for the Bangladesh nationals and another for Pakistan, Myanmar, New Zealand and for others who hail from Sub-Saharan countries.

However, APDR president, said, ” Since independence day the number of those foreign prisoners had never been more than 300. Then why two detention camps? This step has been taken in a time when all other has been directed to construct detention camps. So, this is very dubious.”

The right organisation also demanded to decline NPR. In a statement APDR said, From 1st April, 2020 NRC and census workers would go door to door for the documentation of NPR. And this NPR is the first step NRC. It is an egregious inhuman procedure to make people stateless. It can’t be supported in a civil society.”

Rights activist Dr. Miratun Nahar said, ” We will not submit our documents to a politically motivated government. If they come in my house, I will not show them any paper.”