Image: PTI

TDN World Desk: Delhi Police told the Ministry of Home Affairs that its control room received 4,000 distress calls from violence-ridden northeast Delhi, on the day US President Donald paid visit to India.

Delhi Minorities Commission, various Muslim bodies like SIO, WPI and other civil organizations, opposition party leaders repeatedly raised allegation of inaction on the side of Delhi Police in controlling the violence that unleashed in the north-east Delhi killing over 53 people and rendering thousands other homeless.

Globally recognised dailies such as – The New York Times, UK based The Telegraph reported how Indian police force were complicit in the carnage. People, who witnessed the violence, also told media in first-person account how police itself took part in torching mosques, assaulting Muslims.

The residents who made the phone calls, the first post reported, have told the police about large gathering of pro-CAA and anti-CAA people and occurrence of arson, rampage, firing and clashes with police on the field.

The Delhi police has informed the MHA that investigation is underway, they are examining the role of the people who have came in large number from Deoband in Uttar Pradesh few days before the violence broke out and stayed in Mustafabad and other areas in the northeast Delhi.

There are a number of eyewitnesses account available in various media in which allegations were made that it was persons who were clothed in uniform, attacked mosques. Some eyewitnesses also suspected that those men in uniform could have been RSS men. But since they wore bulletproof vest and helmet it was difficult to guess. And, significantly, these men in uniform didn’t sport visible name plate as well.