TDN World Desk: Former Hockey Indi President Mohd Mushtaque Ahmad has alleged that he was treated differently and was removed from his post midway into the tenure because of his Muslim identity.

The shocking statement from the ex-Hockey India president came into light after he was told to resign from his post by the Sports Ministry.

Ahmad assumed the prestigeous post on October 1, 2018 and before two years passed he was asked to step down for violation of National Sports Development Code 2011.

However, Ahmad contended Sports Ministry’s version of the story alleging that he was meted out with such treatment because he hails from the minority Muslim community.

Writing a five-page letter to the Sports Ministry on Tuesday, Ahmad said,”I would like to place on record my feeling tht the ministry of youth affairs and sports'(MoYAS) belated decision smells of bad intention against me as the President of HI being from the minority community, while presidents with names such as Sudhanshu Mittal (Kho-Kho association), Rajeev Mehta (fencing) and Anandeshwar Panday (Ssecretary general, handball) are being given a free run to continue in spite of their violation of the sports code in their federations respectively.

“This makes me feel that by having a name as Mohd Mushtaque Ahmad seems to be a problem,” reads the letter, a copy of which was accessed by TOI.