TDN World Desk: On Monday during the discussion session in the Parliament Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that Rohingyas will never be accepted as Indian citizens.

“Rohingyas will never be accepted as citizens of India. They infiltrated India through Bangladesh. The came from Myanmar,” Shah was quoted by News 18 as saying. Shah was replying to the queries of the fellow Parliamentary members.

On Monady night the lower house cleared the Citizenship Amendment Bill and it will be tabled in Rajya Sabha tommrow. The Country is in division over the Bill, while most of the right-wings and its affiliate parties are supporting the bill, the Congress, leftists and several other regional parties are showing ressistance aginst the bill. Today, the Northeast states have observed 11-hours shut down.

According to the draft Citizenship Amendment Bill the Hindu, Jain, Christian, Parsee, Sikh communities who have arrived India from the neighbouring three countries – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, will be granted citizenhip, provided they provide documents of them fleeing persecution from their respective countries. The cut off date is December 31,2014.