TDN World Desk: Names of the railway stations written on the signboards of the platform will now be re-written in Sanskriti removing the Urdu language.

As an explanation to the move, Railway official said that it is according to railway manual which states that the signboards on the platform will be written in the second official language of the state after Hindi and English.

Chief Public Relations Officer, Northern Railway, Deepak Kumar, was quoted by NDTV. He said, “Instead of Hindi, English and Urdu, the names of railway stations on platform signboards across Uttarakhand will now be written in Hindi, English and Sanskrit.”

“Since Sanskrit is the second official language of Uttarakhand, the names of railway stations written in Urdu on platform signboards in the state will be replaced with those in Sanskrit.”

Still now signboards in Uttarkhand railway platforms bear Urdu scripts. The signboards having Urdu scripts on it were put at a time when Uttarkhand was part of Uttar Pradesh where urdu is the second official language. But after UttarKhand came into being in 2010 Sanskrit was made second official language.