TDN World Desk:Taking jibe at the central government Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh put forward number of questions.

On Thursday while addressing the face-off skirmishes between Indian and Chinese troops in which soldiers of the country were killed, Singh asked,”why no orders to fire at the Chinese were given”.

suggesting a lapse in the discipline, he said in an official statement,”What were they doing sitting out there while their colleagues were getting killed?”

Singh also slammed the Modi government at the centre.

“If the centre wants a fist or lathi fights with the Chinese, then it should RSS cadres to the battle ground.

“What our men out there need is is weapons and clear orders that they should be ready to use the weapons to save themselves and defend the country at any cost,” said he.

On Friday the Punjab Chief Minister paid homage to the mortal remains of the three martyred soldiers .

The Punjab government has also announced to xtend financial support to the kin of the soldiers who were killed in action.